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Storenvy and Other New Adventures!


Again, Sorry for the long absence.  I am starting on many new adventures and running short on time as always!

I opened a new online site about 6 months ago, there are only a few things on it, but more to come. The site is called Storenvy.  its similar to etsy, but friendlier to artists.  My direct page in the site is  I will be adding more items weekly ( I HOPE!!) and you can also see them on my Ravenwing Creations Shop Page here on the Artfully Distracted site!

My current shows post has been updated with all shows before the end of the year, Hope to see some of you there!

And Soon I hope to be able to announce a new collaborative adventure! Stay Tuned!dsc_0242

My New Social Media Manager!


As you all know I am a terrible blogger. I do okay on Facebook, but that’s about all. So am proud to present to you my new social media/blog/sales manager Rora ( also known as my son Gavin). He is going to rehab the blog site, take over my etsy shop, and be all things technological that I am allergic to!



Ravenwing Creations Upcoming Events As of 10-20-16



This is a list of upcoming events and shows I will be attending with my handcrafted jewelry.

October 30 Mackinaw valley Winery 12-5

November 5 Germantown Hills 38th annual Fall Craft Show

November 6 Lewistown High School Holiday Showcase 11-3

November 11, 12- Mt Zion Christmas Craft Show, Mt Zion IL

December 3 Pekin Moose Lodge TAPS Benefit 9-3



Wire Wrapping Class at GenCon


I have blogged about GenCon before, but for those who don’t remember I will recap.  GenCon is a 4 day Gaming and role playing convention in Indianapolis IN.  Held at the Indianapolis Convention Center, this years convention was attended by over 56,000 people.  In addition to all of the gaming events, there are workshops, lectures and special classes geared towards the amazing women who attend with their husbands.  Trying to keep with my jewelry interests, I tried to find classes that could be considered educational for me.  I chose a wire wrapping class. In this class we were given a oval pendant which students were going to wrap.

Gencon 2014 (68)Also given to us was an envelope with 5 long wires and 5 short wires. Using these we would be creating a complete wrapped pendant.  starting by straightening the long wires and facing then all the same way, I then took one of the short wires and wrapped it around the long ones several times.

Gencon 2014 (70)This was then repeated 4 more times with the other short wires, about an inch apart.

Gencon 2014 (72)Next I went over to the instructor and she showed me how to bend the wire set to match the pendant.  I then learned how to make a bail to hang the pendant from a necklace, and how to finish off all of the extra wires into spirals.  The finished pendant turned out so well. I was really surprised how well it turned out, and how easy it was.  For those of you who know me, I have been wire wrapping everything I can get my hands on.

Gencon 2014 (73)

Sorry Its Been So Long!


Wow i didnt realize it had been so long between posts! I have been super busy with craft show and new project and Marching Band events for my son!  So while I get a proper pest going, here are some pretty flowers!

4-25-13 (12)

DSC_010811 DSC_0101 4-25-13 (17)

What did you do on vacation?


tut (144)So what have you done on vacation this year? My husband and I just got back from a visit to my In laws in Kansas City. It was such a nice trip, I loved catching up with all the family. Most of hat we do is sit and talk, and I always feel like I should be doing something.  So this year I took my jewelry kit so I could work and talk at the same time! It worked out soooo well!!!!! I got nearly 20 trees completed while I was catching up on all the family gossip! I felt so productive. This is really the way to go, so I don’t feel like I am neglecting anything. Its the best of both worlds!

Before and After


5-21-14 (2)I have be recently doing some craft shows, and I decided I needed a bag to hold my money.  Of course I work at Hobby Lobby, so I got a cute zippered bag from there.  I like it well enough, its just a little plain.  I mean, I like the pattern, but it doesnt scream JULIE!!!!!!!  Well of course, I need it to scream for me!  I had to make it scream of course, so I took my handy bag of markers and proceeded to go to work.

5-21-14 (1)I colored and colored, and I LOVE the way it turned out! Now it screams JULIE!!!! I can hear it every time I look at it! Now it will make me happy just to see it, and get excited whenever I make a sale, so I can add to the bag!



C2E22014 (92)The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, or C2E2, was held April 24-27 in Chicago.  Straight from the C2E2 website describes the event as “a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games. Bringing the best of popular culture to Downtown Chicago, C2E2’s show floor is packed with hundreds of exhibitors, panels and autograph sessions giving fans a chance to interact with their favorite creators and screening rooms featuring sneak peeks at films and television shows months before they hit either the big or small screen!”

C2E22014 (29)My husband and I make a day trip there every year.   I made a shirt to wear that said I WANNA WEAR YOU LIKE A TAUNTAUN.  I felt like a true geek with that shirt on!  C2E2 is a comic book show, but its way more than that.  There are vendors that sell toys, comic, t shirts, jewelry and just about everything else comic or entertainment related.  There are hundreds of amazing cosplayers, people who have dressed up as their favorite character, or variation of a character.

C2E22014 (39)I was partial to the vendors that sold amazing handmade jewelry. I got some great new ideas to try. There was an artist that sold jewelry made from comic books. I found a woman who sold chain mail jewelry that was so soft, it did not even seem to be made of metal.

My husband and I also found some great new artist in Artist Alley, a large area packed full of comic book artists, fantasy artists, and authors. One artist we discovered was called Thirteenth Floor.  I think I collected dozens of business card along with all of the artwork that we bought, so many people to remember! I cant even remember all of the mind blowing things we saw that day, the pictures are just a few of the amazing memories.

Fun New Toys!

Blank Slate Wooden Pieces

Blank Slate Wooden Pieces

Hobby Lobby just got some amazing new products in the jewelry department. Blank Slate is a line of unfinished wooden pieces, canvas, lockets, and other embellishable items.  I saw these when one of the lies I work with brought them to show me. She thought they would be right up my alley. She was right, I LOVED these! I want one of every single kind of wooden pieces that we carry.  I figured I would start with the start with the butterfly. I finally opened the package today after having it a few days.

4-1-14 (4)I decided to give them a light coat of white paint, just as a primer.   I then added a bit of teal paint for some color.  Next was some stamping. I got a Tim Holtz rubber stamp for Christmas that I had yet to use, I know, what is wrong with me? Not using a supply for three months? Inconceivable!

4-1-14 (6)Back to the stamp. It’s an unmounted stamp, and I don’t have a stamp block, so I had to improvise.  I inked the stamp and laid it face up on my desk and then put the wooden butterfly on top and pressed down. It worked pretty good!  I painted and inked the other side as well, so if the butterfly flipped over the back side wold not be blank.  I then added some dangly charms, a crystal and some beads.

I am in love with the way this turned out.  I cannot wait to get more Blank Slate wood items to embellish.  Stay tuned to see which one I play with next!



I have been neglecting my blog. I have nothing to write about. I am just not inspired to write at the moment.  I have been working feverishly on my jewelry, getting items ready to take to Moon Dancer, my quarter auctions, and upcoming craft shows.  But not much has inspired me to write.

no_inspiration_by_roxas13xii-d4aflijI have never been much of a writer.  My husband is the author in the family.  I have been muddling through this whole blog thing.  But now I am just stuck , nothing in my head.  Nothing amazing to contribute.  Maybe its time for a hot bath ad my nice warm bed.  I am sure tomorrow will be a better day full of inspiration.

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