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Teaching at the Kountry Nook

The local craft mall that I sell at, the Kountry Nook has recently started hosting craft classes. Somehow I got roped into teaching a few, not that I mind! So I have added to my already packed schedule a crafty class once a month! So my students get to partake in my wittiness while I… Read More Teaching at the Kountry Nook

Art, Creativity, Different Distractions

Tim’s Vermeer HD Trailer – YouTube

My husband and I watched this amazing documentary.  A non artist decided he needed to figure out how the artist Johannes Vermeer (1632 – December 1675) produced such photo-realistic paintings hundreds of years before the invent of film technology.   I found this documentary absolutely fascinating and would highly recommend it even to those not… Read More Tim’s Vermeer HD Trailer – YouTube