2013 Guidance from a Wise Soul

I have been following the blog of a woman named Nicole Cody.  She is a woman from Australia who happens to be a psychic, and a damn good one if you ask me.  Now I know that not everyone believes in psychics, but I really do.  Her Blog is called Cauldrons and Cupcakes.  At the beginning of the year, Nicole had a post entitled Emerging from the Chrysalis – Your Butterfly Oracle for 2013.  I just opened this post this  morning, and was floored.  The post called for the reader to scroll through eight butterfly photos and pick the one that most spoke to you,  Then scroll down to the corresponding number of the photo, and read the guidance message for that photo.


Well, I did this and chose my butterfly, I would normally pick the one and only blue one, but I was drawn to the first butterfly because of the pattern on the wings. I scrolled down to read the text ans found the most perfectly fitting guidance.

1.  Australian Painted Lady Butterfly:

♥ Message – This is the year for you to trust your creativity, to fill up the well that feeds your ideas and inspiration, and to start truly honouring your journey as an artist, no matter what your creative medium might be. If you need to polish your skills find a mentor, a class or a book, but most importantly BE creative.  Make music, make art, write, and don’t be afraid to experiment with expressing your creativity in a variety of ways. Let this be the year where you create what’s in your heart and express your soul’s magic.  ♥ Crystal – Amazonite  ♥ Power Word – Creating  ♥ Australian Bush Flower Essence – Pink Flannel Flower


This is exactly how I plan to live my 2013, creating everyday.  I have so many ideas to add to this blog, I need more time and better typing skills to accomplish this!

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