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20 Random Facts About Me (part 2)

11. I once wrestled a rabid wambat for the last Reeses peanut butter cup. Well that’s not true but I do love me some peanut butter cups!

12. I mentioned my love of photography, well I take photos for the website It’s a gaming/geek news website run by my husband Trever. Most of my photos are of cosplay and gaming conventions.

13. Speaking of conventions, I love going to comic book conventions and gaming conventions. We go to C2E2 in Chicago every year. And we also go to Gencon in Indianapolis. Gencon has some great crafting classes that I have blogged about before.


14. My sister says she always knew I would be an artist. She always told me the story of how I drew a clown picture when I was 2 and it was a really good depiction of a clown.

15. I discovered that I like whiskey. I never thought that whiskey was something I would like, but it is growing on me.  It started on St Patrick’s day when I was drinking Jameson and lemonade. I have since adapted that by adding gingerale. It has now become my favorite drink.

16. Some of my favorite movies are all of the star wars movies, yes all of them. Deadpool, and the corny 80’s musical The Pirate Movie ( It’s a good one, look it up!)

17. My guilty pleasure is the amazing but awful show, The Vampire Diaries. Its terrible but I love it.

18. I am getting less mature as I get older. Right now I think I have the maturity of a 13 year old boy. I think the least appropriate things are funny. My coworker and I have a running joke that we are both going to hell for some of the things we think and say. We say we have a standing reservation for side by side condos.

19. One of the events I most looking forward doing this year is the Dark History and Horror Convention in Champaign. It’s a small local convention, but I am starting to wonder if some of my pieces would do better at the more niche type of shows. I can never goes up some of my better craft shows, but I would love to do some of the bigger comic conventions and shows.

20. My ultimate goal would be to be able to support myself as a full time artist. I like working, but I seem to find myself wishing I could create full time and not have to work in addition to my passion.

So what are some random facts about you? I would love to know about my readers!!!

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