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GenCon 50

Gencon 50 August 17-20,2017

This year marked the 50th birthday of GenCon. It also marked the 5th year my family has seen able to go to the “best four days in gaming”. Best four days is right on the money. For those of you who do not know, Gencon is a gaming and role playing convention, but it has evolved to include anime, video gaming, pop culture, miniatures, and so much more! It’s held at the Indianapolis Convention center but has expanded to Lucas Oil Stadium, and all of the nearby hotels.

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is the variety of classes the offer to the spouses of gamers. These spouse activities, or SPA events, are crafting classes such as jewelry making, knit and crochet, yoga, dance, you name it and there is a class for it. There is even an open crafting room that has TONS of supplies free to use!

I was having trouble finding crafting classes that I wanted to take, but I decided on rubber stamp carving, resin jewelry making, and a wire wrapped tiara class. Now I took the tiara class last year, but I loved the instructor, Emery Thibodeaux, so much, and it was such a fun class that I took it again!

The resin Jewelry class as taught by The Crafty Chica, or Kathy Cano-Murillo, Her website/blog I have actually been following for a couple years. (Insert fangirl moment here!!!!!)

I cannot wait to see what the SPA classes are for the next Gencon!!! I need to take more!

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