Convention Adventures, Different Distractions

GenCon Adventures

Happy 50th Birthday Gencon!!!Our journey to Gencon started on Thursday night. The bearded one and I decided last year that we are getting too old to drive early in the morning Friday and then pack in a full day of convention craziness. So we decided to stay Thursday night and get a fresh start at the con on Friday. BTW that was the best idea!

So Thursday I get off work early, run to Walmart, take the dog to my mom’s finish packing, and then wait for the kid to get off work and shower before we can go. How showering was a must! He works at a local fast food joint and there was no way we were riding in car for 4 hours without it!


This was the first year that ALL of the badges for the convention sold out! I like to think it was because everyone realized how awesome Gencon is, nut I know there was alot of added advertising this year. We always think ahead and got our badges ASAP, The Bearded One and I are usually granted press badges Thank You Gencon!  Even though I am slow to get my articles on the blog, My husband cranks them out in a timely fashion.  Head on over too and read his amazing articles!

Day 1 we played a couple super fun games, like Simon’s Cat, which we can turn into a drinking game I’m sure. I had a crafting class, Stamp Carving ( More on that later!) And we survived the True Dungeon,  a live action role playing event, in which I basically just stood around waiting to be told what to do!

More adventures and cosplay to come!

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