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Rubber Stamp Carving at Gencon

Gencon August 17-20,2017

My first class of my Gencon weekend was a rubber stamp carving class. I remember carving and doing printmaking in high school, but that was ages ago.  The instructor showed the class a few out of the box items that can be used to carve a stamp.

The large stamp we made was from an oversized rubber eraser from the dollar store! Compared to purchasing a linoleum block to carve out of, this was much more economical.

We did another stamp using a regular sized eraser. The instructor reminded is that there are actually 6 sides to an eraser, therefore 6 carving surfaces.

The hardest part of the class was coming up with a design to carve. It was hard to think of something on the spot like that. But I was happy with what I ended up with. I am excited to try out some more carving and maybe incorporate some into my jewelry designs.

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