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Studio Evolution


We had lived in our old house for 12 years.  It was our first home, other than apartments.  It was where we grew up as a family. Where we finally got our act together as adults.  But now we decided to upgrade.  We found what we think is the perfect place.  The new house is actually slightly smaller, but it has way more storage, and better usage of the space it has.  And better yet, it had a workroom already in it that will become my STUDIO!!!!!!!

So here it is before moving in…

Not much to look at now, but imagine the possibilities! All that pegboard, and those worktables!!!!!!! I am in heaven.  And The previous owners left all of the pegs for the pegboard!!

A little white paint to hide the yellow, Not a perfect paint job, but better…

So here is after move in and before the long process of organization…

Its going to be a long precess, but i will keep posting pictures as i get more done!

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