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Happy 2018!

Here is to the new year! A year full of new opportunities, new goals and my favorite. checking things off a list!

With this new year I am going to start the 100 Day Goal. Its a program to accomplish one big goal by breaking it down into 100 little actions, one done each day.   By doing one small thing each day, its easier to get to your goal!

“It’s hard to get a Big Thing Done isn’t it?! Especially when you are so BUSY already, or when life keeps getting in the way, or if you’re a professional procrastinator, or when you just can’t seem to summon up the energy.

There is a simple way to crack this though!  And it’s called the 100 Day Goal. Over 80,000 people have 100-Day-Goal-ed their way to getting a Big Thing Done and now YOU CAN TOO!”

SO My goal for this is to start making sales on my online store.  So what I plan to do is make 50 new items and list them on my online store on this website. But first i need to make them, photograph them, and list them.  No pressure though.

I will hopefully keep posting about my progress and new items that are for sale.  I think my real goal is to simply keep with it all and actually complete something that I start. Wish me luck!


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