Support Your Hometown! #heypekin

I attended the Business of Art seminar a few weeks ago. I was completely inspired to hear of the #hellopeoria project.

“Hello Peoria aims to unite our community in spreading positivity about our city by showcasing what’s happening in Peoria, IL.”

I was so inspired after doing some more research on #hellopeoria that i wanted to start something for my own community.  So I came up with #heypekin. I want to help support small business, local artists, and events happening in my hometown of Pekin. 

How can you help the #heypekin movement you ask? Great Question! All you have to do to help support your neighbors is take a picture of your favorite local business, favorite spot in Pekin, favorite art or artist, or other fun thing in Pekin and tag it with #heypekin.  Tag those pics on Facebook or Instagram.

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