100 Day Goal – 2019

Tomorrow is the start of another round of the 100 day goal series.

From an earlier post…

“A few years ago I discovered the 100 day goal with the business bakery. It’s a great resource for taking a goal and breaking it down into simple micro actions. By doing one small fifteen minutes task per day, it makes it simpler and easier to attain your large goal. ”

This year in my jewelry business i am going to focus more on quality and not quantity. I feel like I have been letting my quality slide by trying to produce enough stock for the multiple places I sell, particularly ar the holidays. I am still going to have some of my top selling items, but maybe more of a higher quality as well.

Again my 100 day goal is to beef up my etsy shop. I want to work on my product photography so the items really shine.

I am attending the business of art seminar again in February, and that is always inspiring and insightful. That should give me more ideas in how to grow my business.

Additionally I am going to spend 10 minutes daily cleaning and organizing my studio. It is always a disaster after all of the holiday shows are finushed. I am also going to workout daily to get in shape for our anniversary trip to the smoky mountains. Must do some mountain hiking! It will be busy 100 days!!!

2019 will be an amazing year for Ravenwing Creations Jewelry. new shows, some of which my husband will be at selling his books as well!

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