I am gonna be in a magazine!

Seven months ago i sent in a submission to a magazine for publication. I never thought they would take it. It was a necklace that i made a while ago, I hung on to it because i couldn’t really bring myself to sell it. It wasn’t particularly well made, it had flaws, but it was an eclectic variety of elements. Well I guess it was exactly what they were looking for at the time because…THEY ACCEPTED IT!!!!  So after finishing up an article to go along with it, they will publish it ! A full page picture along with an article co written by my husband and myself.

Is the necklace deserving of being in a magazine with some of the most beautiful creative pieces of art i have seen? No, probably not.  My husband calls it impostor syndrome, never feeling like you are an artist.  I make things, I sell them, I make money, but i don’t think they are really any good.  I don’t even wear much jewelry.  Just my rings (when i find them) and a necklace.  It does make me feel good that i seem to be gaining a following.  I see people at shows that have said they come back every year to get something new.

So maybe my New Years Resolution , a week late, should be to try to feel like an Artist.  Try to tell myself that do deserve this.  And to submit more pieces to be considered for publication.

As soon as the magazine comes out I will post pictures of the article.

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