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Childhood Craftiness

I will start this off by saying that I am a graceful ballerina. And by that I mean I am SUPER accident prone.  About every 5 years or so I have some sort of accident that lands me on my ass for a few days.  This time it was a trip at work that resulted in a sprained knee that will only heal if I stay off it for a time. Now those of you who do not know me personally, I HATE not being able to do things for myself.  I amfiercely independent and I find it extremely annoying to be stuck on the couch.

So I am putting my time off to good use. I am spending my time off by catching up on the show Making It, a crafting competition on NBC. One of the challenges was to make a craft based on childhood crafts that the contestants did. That got me thinking about what creativeness I was into as a child.

I remember weaving some leaves or branches into a wall of a fort. I grew up a tomboy so I was all about the outside and forts and dirt. The leaves or branches were still on the tree when I wove them, so they made a good wall. I remember drawing with my Dad.  He drew some sort of a figure, but i don’t know what I was drawing.

I also remember from grade school making friendship bracelets. TONS of friendship bracelets! They were taped to our school desks so they could be finished after school work was done. I am sure there were plenty of warnings from the teacher about making these instead of doing our work!

In high school, I started making beaded necklaces, nothing crazy, just a basic beaded necklace made on fishing line. I had many other kids like them and then sold a few of them too!

I had a very crafty mother, she was always trying something. She made many wreaths, usually of pine cones. I remember trips out to the forest to collect pine cones.  I have this one memory when my mom decided to make chocolate eggs. She melted chocolate and coated a balloon then put it in the freezer.  More than one of the balloons popped, leaving bits of chocolate splattered all over the freezer, or the ceiling. Some of her projects I would call a craftastic disaster, but she was never afraid to try to crazy ideas. I guess that’s where i get it from.

At least if I am sitting on my ass, I can reminisce about all the craftiness that brought me to where I am now.  And maybe try to get some new work done that I have been wanting to do!

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