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I made the front page!

All of this is from the end if January…I realized I forgot to finish my post!

This is all so weird. I dont really like being in the spotlight. I dont want attention drawn to myself. My husband said it was a good idea to make a press release for the magazine publication.  So we did. He sent it a bunch of places, including the local paper. So they called and wanted an interview….ugh, do I have to? Husband said yes.

So the reporter comes to the house because he wants a couple pictures.  Ugh, really??? I love pictures. The interview goes ok I guess. He takes some pictures.  Later I found out it would be in the paper on Saturday,  the weekend edition.

So i go to pick up a few copies, walk into the gas station, and I’m on the front page. Really? That’s how much is happening in my town. I make the front page of the weekend paper. Right below the current health scare. But whatever, I’m on the front page, and my friends and family have shared it all over. Weird, just weird.  So here a link to the article…

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