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Genius Idea or Craftastic Disaster

So Gavin and I were at my mom’s house helping to put up the Christmas decorations in early December.  While going through all of the ornaments, DSC_02791I kept finding piles and piles of tinsel garland, all different colors.  My mom has always loved that tinsel garland, there was already garland on the tree, and there was a lot left over.  So my creative brain came up with a plan, I know, scary right?  I saw an old grapevine wreath in the basement, and I thought of wrapping the garland around the wreath to make a great holiday decoration.  Well, I took all of the leftovers home, much to my husbands dismay I am sure.  I just asked him what  he thought when I brought home a pile of crafty stuff.  He said he hopes I have a plan for it….eventually.  I always have a plan, and I love it when a plan comes together.

But I digress. I broughDSC_02801t  a bag full of garland and the wreath home and dumped it on the living room floor, spewing bits of tinsel everywhere.  I plugged in my trusty hot glue gun, and got to work.  I started by adhering three strands, one of each color, of the tinsel garland to the wreath.  I started wrapping the wreath, only to get halfway around the wreath to find out I was running out of one color.  So there is only gold on one side.  Then I had to stretch out the white at the end of the wreath because I was out of all of the colors, but I made it work.  So the wreath is done, now to determine if it was a genius idea of a craftastic disaster…What do you think?  I think it was a great try, but it did not end up like I hoped it would.  So its a CRAFTASTIC DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Time to glue some ornaments to it and turn it into a decoration for the cemetery for the next holiday.  No harm done, and no money out of my pocket.

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