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Gen Con at the Indianapolis Convention Center

075_edited-1Last August, Trever and I made the drive to Indiana to go to Gen Con, a gaming and role playing convention.  Not that kind of role playing, get your head out of the gutter!  Role playing like Dungeons and Dragons.  Now, I am not one of those geeky role players, I am a whole other brand of geek, I am still trying to figure out what kind.  Trever has always wanted to go to this convention, so I decided to tag along and see what it was all about.  There was a huge floor show of vendors selling all sorts of board games and role playing type games, and most of them had a demo going so you could test out the game before you buy.0481

The people who created the convention also had the genius idea to add spouse events.  I signed up for two scrapbooking classes.  They also offered jewelry making, crochet, and even a ghost tour of the area.  There was even an open crafting room where women could go anytime and play with the supplies, every crafter’s dream!

057Gen Con also has one of the largest fantasy art shows in the country.  This was one of my favorite parts of the show.  OVER 300 artists from all over the country showcasing their artwork.  We met some amazingly talented artists, and picked up a few prints.  Trever and I also got to meet Trever’s favorite artist, Larry Elmore.  We bought one of  his large prints at a comic book show last year, and we were happy to get another couple small prints to add to the collection.035

Another great part of the convention, was all of the vendors and displays.  Table after table of games, figures, and miniatures.  The detail on some of the miniatures was amazing.  So much work obviously went into the painting of all these pieces.  There were buildings, dungeons, and dioramas.

I also fell in love with all of the dice.  There were dice everywhere. Bins full of dice.  Dice for sale in every shape and size.  Every color you could imagine, with many different side variations too.  Even not being a role player, I wanted to buy all of the dice, they were just so pretty!


We were only at the convention for one day, and that was really not enough.  But it was our first year, and we did not know what to expect.  This year, we will be going to the show for three days. I already booked the hotel room for the trip.  I wonder how many spouse event I can fit into the weekend, and then there is the True Dungeon, a live group role play that sounds really great.  We will be planning our Gen Con trip well in advance this year.  I just hope Gavin has as much fun as we did.


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