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A Peak Inside My Art Journal

 “Art journaling is about the {creative process} of pulling together color, words and images as you wish on a page. Unlike many other forms of art, it is not about the outcome.”
Tammy Garcia


I am fairly new to art journaling.  I started a book of quotes a very long time ago.  Then I was adding fun pieces of magazines that I cut out.  I didn’t really realize that art journaling was what I was doing, but then it has only become popular in the last few years.  I have always loved painting and sketching, then I started saving magazine snippets and gluing then into one of my sketchbooks. Them BAM! My art journal was born, without knowing it.  I kept this journal for years and kept adding more and more snippets, quotes and paint.


My current journal, actually I have two, are watercolor journals.  I like the texture and the thicker paper.  It takes paint and glue very well, with just a slight ripple when it gets wet.  I have two sizes, one about twelve inches by sixteen inches, and the smaller one is about half that size.  I pour my thoughts into my journals, both in words and images.


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