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DSC_0302So this is what I came up with after that craftastic disaster.  I think it looks much better this way.  Mom might like it so much that she claims it for her own instead of taking it to the cemetery next holiday.  I used the many ornaments that mom had gotten from the after Christmas clearance a few years ago.  I don’t know when she bought them, but I found a bag of them in her basement.

The basement at mom’s house is kind of like a treasure hunt, maybe an Indiana Jones adventure.  You never know what you are going to find in it, could be treasure, could be a booby trap.  Any way, back to the wreath.

So I snagged the ornaments, and brought them back to my house.  I opened all the packages and dumped them all together in a laundry basket.  Then I realized there was glitter on some of them.  So if my clothes are covered in glitter, you will know why.  Maybe I’ll just have to put Gavin’s clothes in that basket first!  Most of the ornaments were gold, so I used the few red and green ones first, then filled in all the remaining spaces with the gold.  Gavin says I went a little overboard, that the wreath is too sparkly, nut I think it is beautiful.  And the tinsel garland base seemed to be a great substance to hot glue the ornaments to.  So I an going to chalk this one up as a happy accident.  Better yet, it didn’t cost me a thing, except pain from a hot glue burn on my finger!

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