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April 27th was C2E2, the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo.  This is the 3rd year, I think, that Trever and I have DSC_0045made the trip to Chicago to see all of the freaks, geeks and nerds that accompany these types of convention.  Now don’t get me wrong, we are some of the biggest geeks up there, but so far we have not gone to the convention in costume.  I guess we are saving that for next year.  DSC_0070

Our friend Chris and some of his friends were at the convention, and we were lucky enough to find him in the thousands of people up there.  He was dressed as Deadpool from Marvel comics.  Chris was even sweet enough to take care of me when I got lost, all my fault, blame me!  DSC_0078

So these comic conventions are a great place to see some amazing geek toys that I usually only see online.  There are vendors galore, as well as a huge section with comic artists, called Artists Alley.  I mentioned the people in costumes, well if you have never been to one of these things, costumes are everywhere. Including vendors selling costumes and accessories all over.

DSC_0074There was one vendor selling corsets, and when I walked by, i heard one of them say Can I tie you up? Well I didn’t realize they meant tie me up in a corset, so I said sure, you can tie me up if you can find a corset to fit me! I figure there was no way they would have one, well I was wrong!  They tied me up, after a good measuring, and cinched me tight.  I swear, i have never felt my waist so small!  Now this was WAY outside of my comfort zone to try something like this on, and WAY MORE out of the zone to let some random guy measure me and be touching me while tying me up.  But I have to admit, i kinda liked the way it looked, and I may have to buy one one of these days.  DSC_0139 (2)

A big draw at the convention were the celebrity guests. Kevin Smith and Felicia Day , who all good geeks should know. Ron Perlman (sons of Anarchy), and many other entertainment guests were there.  All were signing autographs, for a fee of course, and a few had special photo op times.  I would have loved to get an autograph from Felicia Day, but the wait for her was hours long.

If any of you ever have the chance to go to C2E2, and have not yet gone, i would highly recommend it. Its really a crazy huge geekfest, but t is so much fun.   think next year we are going to try to go for two days just to space it out and not have to try to see it all in one day!


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