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Strange Dreams

Dreaming Tree 1
Dreaming Tree 1

I have been having a lot of strange dream lately. The kind that tend to stay with you throughout the day.   know that dream are just your mind wandering, and they usually don’t mean anything, but I always wonder why the mind comes up with a particular series of events in a dream.  Last night the ream I remember was something about a flooded graveyard and I was surfing though it on a wooden plank.  I saw an angel statue in the middle of the water flooded cemetery.  Then I remember walking back to a car, that wasn’t mine, and wondering if I remembered to bring my camera.  And I was talking to someone that I work with.  It was all very odd, not scary, just very strange.

The Dreaming Tree 2
Dreaming Tree 2

I just read on a dream interpretation site that to dream about a cemetery can mean an end to a habit or behavior.  So since I wanted my camera it must mean that I am going to stop taking pictures of cemeteries right? NO FREAKING WAY!!!!  Dream interpretation is funny.  To dream of surfing can mean the ups an downs of a situation or relationship, and can mean you are overwhelmed.  Well that can be true, I am overwhelmed on a daily basis! That is part of being woman, a full time worker, artist, and mother.

A few nights ago I had a very cool dream that I am going to make my husband write into a short story.  In the dream I even saw the tag line for the story…What if you had a day that wasn’t?  It was about time travel, and that is all I am going to say, I wouldn’t want to spoil the story if it gets written now would I?  That was another one of these dreams that just stuck with me all day long. That dream was so strange I would not even want to try to interpret it. I would probably be committed to the funny farm after that! Could be a nice vacation though, If you don’t hear from me for awhile, check the local funny farm!

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