Raeven Design Studios

Raeven Design Studios is a joint venture between myself (Julie) and my new business partner Rabecca M.  Rabecca is designing her own line of clothing and approached me to design a line of jewelry to go along with it. The name Raeven Design Studios comes from a combination of my jewelry line Ravenwing Creations, and her design line named Rae. It’s a perfect combination.  I think this is going to be a great challenge and a chance for both of us to broaden our horizons!

After many woman hours and many bottles of wine, the design line has come to focus mainly on jackets along with accessories to complement.

“Inspired by organic shapes and nature, these jacket combine utility and function with unique details and style.” from designer Rabecca

Fabrics chosen for the designs

Faux printed leather (black with blue, red, white printed florals)

Faux leather (black)

Embossed Leather (Dark Brown)

Poly Satin (Gold)

Faux Suede (Oxford blue grey)

Even Sided Gabardine (tan twill fabric)

Quilted Interlock (off white)

Sateen (burgundy)

Sueded Tricot ( pale grey)