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Welcome!! I am Julie and my passion is Jewelry Making.  I love creating wearable art for every person to enjoy.  My work is very eclectic, taking inspiration from nature and bohemian style,  I try not to follow trends, just to make things that i am inspired to make.

I am a jewelry artist, mixed media artist, and avid photographer.  Ravenwing Creations Jewelry is the name of my business. Specializing in jewelry, I do mostly wire wrapping, metal stamping and metal forging.  I weave tiny dream catchers to be worn as a necklace to catch your good ideas. Custom orders are always welcome.  I can work with yo to make a piece that will inspire you every time yo wear it! I am always open to suggestions and ways to make my craft evolve.

I have so many other interests that it is always hard to pick a focus, and really easy to get distracted!  In addition jewelry and mixed media,  I have dabbled in photography. candle making, floral, and sewing. I am kind of an all around craft aholic!  I am also into art journaling.  I am married to a wonderful man who is extremely understanding of my numerous obsessions and who even started making chainmail to contribute to my shows.  Mother a not so little anymore 19 year old.! My son used to be my partner in crime with my crafty stuff, now he is just my partner in crime.  Best of all our home rums on love and SARCASM!!!!!!!!  Sister to an equally  crazy, always something brewing chick! She gets the ideas and i seem to get stuck implementing them, but i love it!  I work at the most dangerous place on earth for an artist or crafter, Hobby Lobby.  I show the early warning signs of being a hoarder, i just hate throwing things away that I might use.  I am always bringing neat stuff home, mostly bags that will be otherwise thrown away!  I am completely addicted to paper and all things scrapbooky.

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