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Art Journal Stamping


IMG_7534I have been wanting to do a blog post about stamping with bubble wrap for awhile.  But as usual time is running away with me! No longer, here it is, a simple guide to stamping with paint and bubble wrap.

Bubble wrap makes a great and quick stamp. It gives a cute rustic look, and adds amazing texture to your art journal page.  I work at a place that has a TON of bubble wrap tossed out on a weekly basis, so it is really easy for me to get.  It can also be purchased, or if you are near a Hobby Lobby on their stock day, I am sure they would give you some if you ask nicely!

IMG_7500Today I was also using three different sized tubes to make circles with also. I also kept this strange cardboard thing from a package we got last year.  I have collected a few tubes here and there from work and home that would have otherwise found their way into the landfill.  What a great way to re purpose things instead of throwing them out.  I have used paper towel and toilet paper tubes, but they are quite a bit thinner and can easily disintegrate.  The tubes I used today are thicker and can be used over and over.

IMG_7531To start, I got out a disposable foam plate to put paint on.  I like the plates because they are really cheap and make for easy clean up.  I used a dark red paint and some blue to add contrast.  Spread a thin layer of paint evenly on the plate, not too much or it can get clumpy.   Press the bubble wrap lightly on the paint and then press it on your paper.  Lift off and repeat as desired.  Its as simple as that!  This is the easiest technique for adding some texture.

IMG_7532The technique is the same for the tubes and any other fun object that might make a good image. I tried a jar lid, but that didn’t work out very well.  The cardboard packaging I had made a great lined image, and the backside had foam on it, so there was some more texture. The lines would be perfect to use on a scrapbook page for jouraling, or just a added background element.

The circles can geIMG_7538t a bit messy depending on how liquid you paint is. My paint was pretty runny so it made all of these great little spots and slashes all over the page. Thats my kind of look though, the messier the better!The picture directly on the left shows different circle sizes and the bubble wrap printing  on the same journal page.  I have used the messy drippy circles as a background on a scrapbook page and it looks great! And even better is that no one else will ever have the same page because it was custom made by you!

A Peak Inside My Art Journal


 “Art journaling is about the {creative process} of pulling together color, words and images as you wish on a page. Unlike many other forms of art, it is not about the outcome.”
Tammy Garcia


I am fairly new to art journaling.  I started a book of quotes a very long time ago.  Then I was adding fun pieces of magazines that I cut out.  I didn’t really realize that art journaling was what I was doing, but then it has only become popular in the last few years.  I have always loved painting and sketching, then I started saving magazine snippets and gluing then into one of my sketchbooks. Them BAM! My art journal was born, without knowing it.  I kept this journal for years and kept adding more and more snippets, quotes and paint.


My current journal, actually I have two, are watercolor journals.  I like the texture and the thicker paper.  It takes paint and glue very well, with just a slight ripple when it gets wet.  I have two sizes, one about twelve inches by sixteen inches, and the smaller one is about half that size.  I pour my thoughts into my journals, both in words and images.


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