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Sorry Its Been So Long!


Wow i didnt realize it had been so long between posts! I have been super busy with craft show and new project and Marching Band events for my son!  So while I get a proper pest going, here are some pretty flowers!

4-25-13 (12)

DSC_010811 DSC_0101 4-25-13 (17)

30 Days of Thankfulness


SarcasmSo I have been seeing all these posts all over Facebook about the 30 Days of Thankfulness.  You post everyday what you are thankful for. I think ts a great idea.  Most people are thankful for family, friends, blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.  Don’t get me wrong I am eternally grateful for all that I have, I know that I am truly blessed with the best support system of family and friends! but what I am getting at is that I am getting bored reading everyone elses happy ordinary thankful crap.  I am starting to gloss over them and not really read them.

So I decided to do my own 30 Days of Sarcastic Thankfulness.  Of course I started late, no surprise there.  I was driving home from work one night and it just hit me in the car what I should do. Some of them are not sarcastic, yet snarky in my own way. So here they are so far…

Day 1 – 3 days late

Thankful for my dirty mind and my smart ass attitude, it makes everyday a little more fun

Day 2 – 2 days late…

thankful that there are 2 others in the house that get all of my nerdy and geeky

Day 3 – 1 day late

thankful that i don’t actually have to read everyone elses thankful posts, as i am sure they wont read mine, just skip over them…I know I am a terrible person!

Day 4 – ON TIME!!!!!

thankful I didn’t have to kill anyone at work tonight, I hear there were some real genius’s i the fabric department tonight!

Day 5 –

thankful for boobs, big boobs small boobs, boobs mean women and we all know women are far superior to men. thankful also for my husband liking the way my boobs look in my corset at Halloween.


thankful for coffee…without my coffee you don’t even want to be near me until maybe noon. Without my coffee, I may have to kill the morning person in my house who is all chipper and happy to see me when I get up.


Etsy Site is Alive and Kicking!!!


etsy (12)Way back in July I started my Etsy site. It can be found at .  I stated it with the intention of adding more to it quicker than I did, but better late than never.  So now there is a few more items on there and I will be adding more daily as I make them.  I swear I will! Atetsy (9) least  few a day.  I really enjoy making jewelry and I can only give my family so much of it.  As it is, my mom wants more of it than she can wear! The red tree of life has already been claimed by her,  She says she wants one like it when I have time!  Gotta love her!!!!  She and my sister are my biggest supporters!

etsy (7)

And this copper tree, my mother in law already tried to buy, but I guess for future reference, Etsy does not take Mastercard.  Luckily I will be seeing her this weekend for a personal delivery!  Don’t worry, I will be making her another one, so this one is still for sale in the site.  Today is my day off, so I am hopetsy (4)ing to get a lot more made and onto the Etsy site for everyone’s viewing pleasure.  There will be more jewelry, photography, and mixed media artwork to see and maybe purchase.

Stone ListKeep in mind I can do special requests.  These are the stones available, though I an expecting  shipment of new stones very soon.  More variety means more Trees!!!!!  But for now, I have a great assortment to choose from.  But for now … back to the crafting!!!!etsy (6)


Better Late Than Never


DSC_0100Summer time at Hobby Lobby brings the start to the Christmas season for us.  We start setting all of the Christmas picks, wreaths, ribbon, and of course crafts.  My sister Jen saw this really cute craft that was the word Noel on four separate wooden blocks.  This came completely unfinished so it could be customized to specific colors.  I mentioned that I could make this for her birthday in October.  Jen loved that idea.  So I looked at the project on and off for the next few months and finally bought it in September.  After I bought it, I proceeded to immediately lose it in my studio.  Well the days and weeks passed an I forgot all about it.  Finally the holidays were over and things slowed down both at work and at home.  I got the chance to clean and organize my studio, and I came across the project….still in its packaging.  So I decided there was no time like the present to get started.  I ripped open that package and dug right in.

I starDSC_0103ted by figuring out what letter was to go on each block.  The O was obvious, but the others were a little more interchangeable.  I then dug through my scrap box to find the perfect papers.  Jen decorates with a lot of red at Christmas, so that was the obvious color.  Then the background, a rustic stripe.  Next was the glue.  I used Modge Podge to adhere the paper to the wood and let it all dry. After drying, i trimmed all the excess paper.  I did a really bad job of the trimming, the edges were all ragged and torn.  Luckily, I could take some sand paper to the egdes and fix all the mistakes! Then I took a red ink pad and rubbed it on the sides of the letters and the blocks. Then glued the letter to the block.  I the added Paper Tape by Tim Holtz to the sides of the block and followed up by edging it with a metal taped designed for stained glass.

Back View of Noel Block

The only thing that was left was to stamp the back of the block with my custom stamp.  My wonderful husband got this stamp for me last Christmas. I stamp almost everything the comes out of my studio.

Well Jen, I hope you like the way the blocks turned out.  And remember, every great artist works on their own schedule, but better late than never!


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