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Ravenwing Creations Upcoming Events As of 10-20-16



This is a list of upcoming events and shows I will be attending with my handcrafted jewelry.

October 30 Mackinaw valley Winery 12-5

November 5 Germantown Hills 38th annual Fall Craft Show

November 6 Lewistown High School Holiday Showcase 11-3

November 11, 12- Mt Zion Christmas Craft Show, Mt Zion IL

December 3 Pekin Moose Lodge TAPS Benefit 9-3



Sorry Its Been So Long!


Wow i didnt realize it had been so long between posts! I have been super busy with craft show and new project and Marching Band events for my son!  So while I get a proper pest going, here are some pretty flowers!

4-25-13 (12)

DSC_010811 DSC_0101 4-25-13 (17)



I haven’t really had anything to blog about lately. So I thought I would just share some recently edited pictures. These are from the Riverfront in Pekin when I was out playing with my new lens. I like the way they turned out.  Let me know what you think.
4-25-13 (76)
4-25-13 (75) 4-25-13 (74) 4-25-13 (73) 4-25-13 (72) 4-25-13 (70) 4-25-13 (69)

4-25-13 (68)


Ravenwing Creations on Instagram


InstagramcaptureSo when I finally came into this decades technology and got a smart phone, I signed up for Instagram.  I know, Finally! I love all of the filters and fun thing yo can do with it! So here is a link to my profile. . If you follow me you can get sneak preview of all the goodies that  I am working on!

Have a super magical sparkly creative day!

What We’ve Come Down To


IMG_7672My sister was in town today, and after our shopping and visiting, I mentioned that we should drive by the old West Campus high school.  I drove by it and saw there were starting the demolition.  I happened to have my small camera in my bag so I was able to get a few pictures before it was too late.



Whoever is doing the tear down, started with the old cafeteria.  Now some of the interior walls are exposed.  I could see into some of the hallways from the doorway.  I could still imagine rushing down the hall to get to class before the bell.  I don’t have a lot of really great memories of Pekin Community High School. but it still holds a few sporadic happy thoughts.  It was very sad to see what has become of the school.

IMG_7654All of the amazing stonework torn to pieces, strewn across the grass.  Some of it was laying to the side near the fence, and I can only hope that it will be re purposed.  There was so much n the old building that I feel could have been reused or re purposed.  I could see shelving, doors, there was a pile of old wood with drawers still intact.  I just found the whole thing very sad.  I just wish that something was done with the school before it was left to rot and fall apart.


Many people drove by us while we were looking at the ruins.  My sister and I were fortunate enough to talk to a couple that stopped to look at what was left of the building.  We all commented what a shame it was to see.  I mentioned that my mother was the last class to graduate from Pekin High as a single campus, and my uncle was the first class to gradate from the split campus.  My grandfather helped to build the red building on West Campus.

Now all that is left will soon be gone, leaving only the memories behind.  Memories of thousands of students laughing, school dances, music, and learning.  Minds being opened by the words of the many great teachers.  My son will never get to learn surrounded by those walls.  He will only ever know the other campus where all of the student are together and have been for a few years now.  Its all those students will ever know.  Some of the teachers will remember the old school, but only a few.

The Kountry Nook


Kountry Nook (44)Today I finished setting up my new booth at the Kountry Nook, Kountry Nook in Pekin, IL | 212 N Capitol St, Pekin, IL |

I left the Crafty Corner and went to a craft mall that had regular hours, and better hours.  Hopefully this will be a great new start, and the opportunity to get my shop name out more.

Kountry Nook (46)I started setting up my booth yesterday before work.  I took the rest of my items in today and finished it up.  Most of the displays that  used at the old shop didn’t really work for the new booth.  So I had to redo all of my displays and figure out the most efficient use of the space.

Kountry Nook (52)I have some new items in the new booth including new full size dream catchers and new mixed media art jewelry necklaces. I stll have my photography as well as my dream catcher pendants.

Kountry Nook (48)Some of the seasonal items I have are cute little pumpkin blocks, jack o lantern pins, and fall and Halloween wreaths. OOOOHHHHHH and the new beaded spiders I have been making!

Kountry Nook (55)I need to get some more tree of life pendants in the shop I realized as I was setting up that I didn’t have very many.  I must have taken them all to the Quarter Auctions, and to the Moon Dancer Boutique! Must restock!

A little background on the Kountry Nook…the Nook is owned by Mary H.  and has been open for 13 years now.  So they are well established.  They host many customer appreciation events throughout the year and have a Christmas Extravaganza coming up.There are over 5o vendors currently in the shop, with a waiting list to get a booth! Talk about demand!

Crafters ADD


I think I have a problem, more than the usual. I have so many ideas swimming around in my bag of cats I call a brain! I find it nearly impossible to dedicate myself to one specific type of art or craft.  I get bored and distracted easily. Maybe that is why I am always doing a million things or project at once.  Jack of all trades, master of none!

IMG_7439I have loved taking pictures since I was little, and being a photographer was one of my first career choices, other than fighter pilot, dancer, and the usual kid dreams.  Not that a career you decide on when you are 12 is what you are going to end up with.  I never moved to New York or Chicago to become an artist either.  Now that I have a nice camera, I have been taking lots of pictures.  I think I have even sold one!

DSC_0048When my parents bought their house when I was in 5th grade, the previous owner had a train platform in an L shaped room in the basement.  Underneath it was a great space for storage, and of course a play place for us kids!  A few years later I asked my parents if I could tear down the back half of the platform and make the area into an art studio.  They said go for it.  That was one thing I am eternally grateful for, they never really told me no when it came to my art.  I glued things to the wall, it was fine. I painted the walls a strange shade of peach and painted clouds over it,  they never said no, or at least shook their heads in disbelief when I wasn’t looking.  they never told me that any of my weird creation looked funny, or that they did not like them.  I know I was a very strong willed child, and that the may times I fought with my parents was probably my fault, but letting me run wild with my creativity was the best thing they could have ever done for me!

DSC_0050ADD kicked in again! Where was I? Oh yeah, crafting!  I stared making simple beaded necklaces in high school, and even sold a few to some classmates.  After high school. my then boyfriend, Trever, bought a dreamcatcher earring set to make for me.  He lacked the dexterity to weave the web so I took the project over.  I was hooked!  I fell in love with the creation of something to beautiful out of a piece of sting and a it of metal. So that is where my love of jewelry making came from.

Be InspiredI have always been a painter, abstract mostly. I haven’t painted much recently, but I have gotten into Mixed Media.  I love combining paper, paint and whatever else I can think of to combine.  Mixed Media is really the perfect thing for me.  There is no right or wrong, just whatever feels right.  I can combine all forms of art into the perfect combo of crazy artsiness!

6-26-13 (67)When taking pictures, I have always been draw to pattern and shadow. Even something as simple as a brick wall is amazing to me.  The perfect lines, all even.  So this shot of the wall with the metal gate in front with the shadows on the wall was perfect.  I am fascinated by how images change in different lighting. Lines and textures have always been something I have been drawn to.  So when I can find am image of shadow, line and texture, I am in heaven!

Maybe this will explain why I am so all over the place when it comes to my art.  I am gonna enter this contest, have a booth here, show my work there, do a quarter auction, SQUIRREL!  Wait, I am OK, of can keep on task…maybe for a few minutes anyway!


Craziness Leads to Productivity!


Wow, it has been a crazy couple of weeks!!! I have had the opening of the new shop The Crafty Corner,IMG_7562 owned and operated by my coworker Melinda Sutton.  I have a booth in the shop with over 100  items in it! I have also recently been taken on as a guest artist at The Moon Dancer Eclectic Boutique in the Shoppes at Grand Prairie.  My jewelry is available for purchase in the shop.  I just delivered my second shipment there today! Even with everything going on, I have been the most productive with my art in the last few months than I have been in years.

IMG_7565So this post is dedicated to what I have been up to lately, crafting up a storm!!! I actually wake up in the morning and my hands are sore from all the use!  I have been furiously editing photos, painting , making jewelry, and working on the packaging.  So much art to do, so little time.  I have had a couple of friends ask me where I get the time to do all this and I don’t know what the answer is, but I know I have been neglecting housework!   Who needs to clean when you can make art?

I have also been taking photos of some of my artwork to sell them as prints.  I am not quite ready to part with some of DSC_001911them, and I am always unsure that they would sell.  But at least in the form of a photo, I can alter the color as I see fit.   With a little luck my work will start catching on and selling.  I have already sold one necklace from the Moon Dancer and a few items at the Crafty Corner.  Not bad for  just the last few weeks.  The Moon Dancer Boutique will have a booth at The Olde English Faire at Wildlife Prairie Park this weekend, so my jewelry will get more exposure.

Enough chatting, back to the crafting!!!!

Sunset at the Lodge at Pine Lake


In my last post, I mentioned that my husband and I went out of town for the weekend for an anniversary getaway.  We rented a cabin called the Lodge at Pine Lake.  The views from the cabin were amazing, especially the sunsets.  The reflection on the lake was like nothing I have ever seen.  I really wanted the evenings to go on forever.DSC_0860


Today is the last day of my vacation, and tomorrow its back to reality.  I wish I had the means to stay on vacation forever and continue to enjoy this carefree week.  I am sure that is a feeling most of us have every day.  But tomorrow morning I have to snap out of it and jump back in.  Besides, I have to get back to work and discover what disasters await me in the frame shop! ( Just kidding Beth,I know you did a great job! )

So for now I will just leave you with these glorious images and you can be jealous that I got to experience it.  At least I am here to share it with you.

Banner Marsh


From the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resourses website:

Banner Marsh State Fish & Wildlife Area is located approximately 25 miles southwest of Peoria on U.S. Route 24 and is protected from the Illinois River by a major levee.Teeming with fish and wildlife, Banner Marsh provides various outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, boating, dog training, picnicking, wildlife observation and photography.

I have driven by Banner Marsh many times, and never ventured in.  I finally went there after Spoon River Drive.  It was beautiful.  There are multiple entranced intot he marsh, I only went into one of them.  After I got my new camera, Trever and I went there again to see if we could find any eagles.  Well, there were no eagles that we could see, but I got some great pictures.

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