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Springtime Snow


DSC_0343 (2)Doesn’t Mother Nature know that it is Springtime? I guess she just wanted to screw us up by giving us one last snowfall.  I know the ground needs the moisture, but really snow in the springtime? I guess Phil the Groundhog was wrong about the early spring!


While we were battling the snow on our way home from Missouri, Trever was kind enough to take the first driving shift so I could take some pictures from inside the car of the snow.  Luckily we were not going very fast due to the weather.  Its amazing the pictures you can take from a moving vehicle!


While we were packing the car, DSC_03201I stupidly told Trever that he could put my camera in the trunk. W hat was I thinking?!?  When we started driving i was sitting thinking how pretty everything was and that I wished I had my camera.  I turned to Trev and asked if he put it in the trunk, and he said no, of course not, its right behind your seat!  How is that for the best husband in the world!!!!!!!!

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