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Sunset at the Lodge at Pine Lake


In my last post, I mentioned that my husband and I went out of town for the weekend for an anniversary getaway.  We rented a cabin called the Lodge at Pine Lake.  The views from the cabin were amazing, especially the sunsets.  The reflection on the lake was like nothing I have ever seen.  I really wanted the evenings to go on forever.DSC_0860


Today is the last day of my vacation, and tomorrow its back to reality.  I wish I had the means to stay on vacation forever and continue to enjoy this carefree week.  I am sure that is a feeling most of us have every day.  But tomorrow morning I have to snap out of it and jump back in.  Besides, I have to get back to work and discover what disasters await me in the frame shop! ( Just kidding Beth,I know you did a great job! )

So for now I will just leave you with these glorious images and you can be jealous that I got to experience it.  At least I am here to share it with you.

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