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Today’s Distraction…FOOD


Tastefully Simple ProductsToday I had the opportunity to attend a Tastefully Simple workshop.  For those of you who don’t know what Tastefully Simple is, its a gourmet food product line that has home taste testing parties.  And who doesn’t like to eat? At Today’s workshop, we made ten freezer meals that can be frozen and then put in the crock pot for dinner.  All of the participants had a grocery list to buy before the meeting, but all of the meals were very easy to prepare, so easy that I made ten meals in just over an hour.  DSC_0162

Tastefully Simple even has a few collections that all come together, and can be found hereDSC_0169.  There was very little prep work involved before the workshop.  The only prep work was to brown hamburger, slice onions, and gather a few items from my pantry.  And by the way, I cut all the onions with a knife and did not cut myself once.

DSC_0158While assembling the meals, I had a terrible time controlling my horribly dirty mind.  When the directions told me to massage the meat, I had a HARD time keeping the snickering to a minimum, not a surprise to anyone who knows me.  I massaged thoroughly and even gave it a good spanking.

While all of us were making our freezer meals, there were a few crock pots simmering with yummy Tastefully Simple meals.DSC_0173 A ground beef, vegetable medley, corn chowder, and a ham and bacon pasta salad.  So all of the ladies attending enjoyed a fabulous pot luck to sample afterward.DSC_0172

Since this was a team meeting for Tastefully Simple, we also had the opportunity to sample new prospective products for possible upcoming products.  We tried a Mexican Beer Bread, a Cherry Sauce, and a new Steak or Meat sauce.  These were all three great products and it felt good to know that we had a say in possible new products.DSC_0151


I had a lot more fum at this workshop than I thoight I would.  Its always a good thing to try new experiences, and meet new people.  All of the ladies I met today were great, very warm and friendly, and also there when I needed a helping hand! And I cannotfail to mention the great fun that was had with my sister Jennifer Morrow, Tastefully Simple Consultant to the stars.

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