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30 Days of Thankfulness


SarcasmSo I have been seeing all these posts all over Facebook about the 30 Days of Thankfulness.  You post everyday what you are thankful for. I think ts a great idea.  Most people are thankful for family, friends, blah blah blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.  Don’t get me wrong I am eternally grateful for all that I have, I know that I am truly blessed with the best support system of family and friends! but what I am getting at is that I am getting bored reading everyone elses happy ordinary thankful crap.  I am starting to gloss over them and not really read them.

So I decided to do my own 30 Days of Sarcastic Thankfulness.  Of course I started late, no surprise there.  I was driving home from work one night and it just hit me in the car what I should do. Some of them are not sarcastic, yet snarky in my own way. So here they are so far…

Day 1 – 3 days late

Thankful for my dirty mind and my smart ass attitude, it makes everyday a little more fun

Day 2 – 2 days late…

thankful that there are 2 others in the house that get all of my nerdy and geeky

Day 3 – 1 day late

thankful that i don’t actually have to read everyone elses thankful posts, as i am sure they wont read mine, just skip over them…I know I am a terrible person!

Day 4 – ON TIME!!!!!

thankful I didn’t have to kill anyone at work tonight, I hear there were some real genius’s i the fabric department tonight!

Day 5 –

thankful for boobs, big boobs small boobs, boobs mean women and we all know women are far superior to men. thankful also for my husband liking the way my boobs look in my corset at Halloween.


thankful for coffee…without my coffee you don’t even want to be near me until maybe noon. Without my coffee, I may have to kill the morning person in my house who is all chipper and happy to see me when I get up.


I am Famous!



As most of you may know, I am the Frame Shop Manager for the local Hobby Lobby store.  I have been there for a long time, just celebrated my 13th anniversary.  I have watched customers children grow up through pictures, in person if the parents brought them into the store.  I have met amazing artists and photographers.   I have mourned the loss of spouses along with some of my regular customers.  I never thought I would be at this job for so long, but it really is the perfect job for me.  I get to be creative all day, and do what I am best at, helping people.  The framers always strive to make our customers as happy as we can, and if for some reason the customer is not happy, we try to fix whatever has made them unhappy.  Many times, my job is a thankless one, but there are times when one customer is so happy that they make sure to tell one of the framers, or a cashier when they leave the store.

Yesterday, I was told by a frequent customer, whom I happen to know personally, that she saw they letter in the paper about me.   I hadn’t heard anything about a letter, so I asked her more about it.  She said that a customer that I had done framing for had written a letter to the Pekin Daily Times about the work that I had done for them.  We talked about it for a minute before she left.  I then called my sister to ask her to look it up.  I don’t get the paper so i would not see it.  She was kind enough to read the letter to me over the phone.  I remembered the customer who wrote the letter.  I framed five very old pictures that had been in storage for a while.  I didn’t think I had done anything out of the ordinary to help this customer, but I guess they were extremely happy.  It is very gratifying to hear just how happy I made them.   I don’t always love my job, but this news really made my day.  To the retain patrons, please remember to thank those workers who have stood out to you.  Retail workers, remember that the customer is what you are there for.  There are a fair share of bad customers, but the good always outweighs the bad.

The letter follows my post.

To the editor:

We would like to take this time to share an experience that occurred. Our family has some very old pictures from my husband’s side of the family. One from Germany was taken in the 1800s. Five other family pictures were taken in the early 1900s. We had called a photographer in Pekin for advice on who could reframe the pictures for us. Their advice was to go to Hobby Lobby in Pekin. We spoke with Julie in the framing department. She was very helpful and concerned on how the pictures were handled. Since the pictures were so old, her main objective was to keep the pictures from cracking. Julie helped us pick out frames and did the framing herself.

We were very pleased dealing with Julie. She done a fantastic overall job! We have had many compliments on how good the pictures look for being so old!

Thank you again Julie for the fantastic job you have done. We hope more people will use local businesses, especially when they are recommended highly.

Thank you.

Thank you to those special customers who have been so happy as to keep coming back and letting me help them over and over again.  I truly appreciate your business and your patronage.

Stress…Remember to Breathe


1-31-10 047.6Its amazing how fast stress seems to pile up.  There always seems to be a thousand things that need to be done, and there is never enough time to do them.  I usually feel like I am pulled in a million directions at the same time.  There is never enough time to meet my commitments; family, friends, my art, the blog, chores, gaming.  It feels as if there are constant demand from everyone and everything.

folder2 227I have been complaining about this same thing for a while, but still I add more things to do.  Now I have a new awesome camera and need to make time for that, and now a blog too.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am really enjoying the blog.  I think it is actually making me more creative, I keep coming up with new projects to feature on it.

3-12-11 0251When I start feeling this way, what I really need to do is to think about what makes me happy.  I am happy to lend a hand when needed, yet its hard to find that balance of  helping yourself as well as others.  I am happiest when I remember that I am here too, and I deserve time to myself.  It sounds selfish when you spell it out, but one can’t truly be happy if they are not happy with themselves.  I have come to realize that in the past year.

Now you may be asking yourself, what do these happy looking pictures have to do with this post about stress and lack of time.  These are the things I try to think bout when I am stressed out.  Pretty things, happy things, things I enjoy, times when I was the happiest.

The icicles hanging off one of our gutters, that I was lucky enDSC_01491ough to take from inside the house where it was warm! My palette of paint after creating something awesome.  The gorgeous flowers that my wonderful husband got me for my birthday.    The mystical moon. Clouds after  rainstorm, right before sunset.  Gavin and I had been out looking for rainbows, we weren’t lucky enough to find one, but the clouds were spectacular.

folder1 112When the times come that I think I am at a breaking point, I simply relish in the quiet of the house after the boys have gone to school and work.  Take some time just for me with a long hot bubble bath, and remember all the good things I have in my life. A loving family that would do anything for me, the ability to work to support my family, food in the pantry.  We are all truly fortunate in one way or another.  The trick is to really look at what makes us that way.  Spend some time today and take a good look at what you are thankful for, then when you are stressing out, think about those things and remember to breathe.  Tomorrow is another day.

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