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Banner Marsh


From the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resourses website:

Banner Marsh State Fish & Wildlife Area is located approximately 25 miles southwest of Peoria on U.S. Route 24 and is protected from the Illinois River by a major levee.Teeming with fish and wildlife, Banner Marsh provides various outdoor activities, including hunting, fishing, boating, dog training, picnicking, wildlife observation and photography.

I have driven by Banner Marsh many times, and never ventured in.  I finally went there after Spoon River Drive.  It was beautiful.  There are multiple entranced intot he marsh, I only went into one of them.  After I got my new camera, Trever and I went there again to see if we could find any eagles.  Well, there were no eagles that we could see, but I got some great pictures.

On the Wings of Eagles


Today, my chauffeur ,Trever, and I made a trek about town to look for eagles. This time of year, eagles are frequently spotted near the Illinois River.  Trever drove us down Tazwell Rd. near the river to see if we can spot any.DSC_0191  I had hoped to see a few closer by the side of the road, but no luck.  I did see a beautiful eagle soaring in the sky above us.

We drove into East Peoria near the river, but did not see any either, so we decided to try Banner Marsh.  On the way over the river, I spotted something at the top of one of the trees.  I had Trever pull of the road onto a small side road, and tried to find the spot I saw the eagle.  I finally saw it up in the treetops.  I got out and trekked up a hill to try to get close enough without scaring him off.

I finally got close enough to get a good picture, DSC_0212and the eagle looked right at me, as if wondering what I was doing trying to get close to him.  He then started to flap his wings and take off. I managed to get a few shots of him before he was too far away.DSC_0213

After he got away from me, we drove over to the Banner Marsh fish and wildlife sanctuary to see if we could spot a few more eagles, but we didn’t find anymore.  Trever is always so wonderful to drive me around so I can play with my new camera.  I couldn’t ask for a better companion for my photography expeditions.

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