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The Kountry Nook


Kountry Nook (44)Today I finished setting up my new booth at the Kountry Nook, Kountry Nook in Pekin, IL | 212 N Capitol St, Pekin, IL |

I left the Crafty Corner and went to a craft mall that had regular hours, and better hours.  Hopefully this will be a great new start, and the opportunity to get my shop name out more.

Kountry Nook (46)I started setting up my booth yesterday before work.  I took the rest of my items in today and finished it up.  Most of the displays that  used at the old shop didn’t really work for the new booth.  So I had to redo all of my displays and figure out the most efficient use of the space.

Kountry Nook (52)I have some new items in the new booth including new full size dream catchers and new mixed media art jewelry necklaces. I stll have my photography as well as my dream catcher pendants.

Kountry Nook (48)Some of the seasonal items I have are cute little pumpkin blocks, jack o lantern pins, and fall and Halloween wreaths. OOOOHHHHHH and the new beaded spiders I have been making!

Kountry Nook (55)I need to get some more tree of life pendants in the shop I realized as I was setting up that I didn’t have very many.  I must have taken them all to the Quarter Auctions, and to the Moon Dancer Boutique! Must restock!

A little background on the Kountry Nook…the Nook is owned by Mary H.  and has been open for 13 years now.  So they are well established.  They host many customer appreciation events throughout the year and have a Christmas Extravaganza coming up.There are over 5o vendors currently in the shop, with a waiting list to get a booth! Talk about demand!



DSC_0302So this is what I came up with after that craftastic disaster.  I think it looks much better this way.  Mom might like it so much that she claims it for her own instead of taking it to the cemetery next holiday.  I used the many ornaments that mom had gotten from the after Christmas clearance a few years ago.  I don’t know when she bought them, but I found a bag of them in her basement.

The basement at mom’s house is kind of like a treasure hunt, maybe an Indiana Jones adventure.  You never know what you are going to find in it, could be treasure, could be a booby trap.  Any way, back to the wreath.

So I snagged the ornaments, and brought them back to my house.  I opened all the packages and dumped them all together in a laundry basket.  Then I realized there was glitter on some of them.  So if my clothes are covered in glitter, you will know why.  Maybe I’ll just have to put Gavin’s clothes in that basket first!  Most of the ornaments were gold, so I used the few red and green ones first, then filled in all the remaining spaces with the gold.  Gavin says I went a little overboard, that the wreath is too sparkly, nut I think it is beautiful.  And the tinsel garland base seemed to be a great substance to hot glue the ornaments to.  So I an going to chalk this one up as a happy accident.  Better yet, it didn’t cost me a thing, except pain from a hot glue burn on my finger!

Genius Idea or Craftastic Disaster


So Gavin and I were at my mom’s house helping to put up the Christmas decorations in early December.  While going through all of the ornaments, DSC_02791I kept finding piles and piles of tinsel garland, all different colors.  My mom has always loved that tinsel garland, there was already garland on the tree, and there was a lot left over.  So my creative brain came up with a plan, I know, scary right?  I saw an old grapevine wreath in the basement, and I thought of wrapping the garland around the wreath to make a great holiday decoration.  Well, I took all of the leftovers home, much to my husbands dismay I am sure.  I just asked him what  he thought when I brought home a pile of crafty stuff.  He said he hopes I have a plan for it….eventually.  I always have a plan, and I love it when a plan comes together.

But I digress. I broughDSC_02801t  a bag full of garland and the wreath home and dumped it on the living room floor, spewing bits of tinsel everywhere.  I plugged in my trusty hot glue gun, and got to work.  I started by adhering three strands, one of each color, of the tinsel garland to the wreath.  I started wrapping the wreath, only to get halfway around the wreath to find out I was running out of one color.  So there is only gold on one side.  Then I had to stretch out the white at the end of the wreath because I was out of all of the colors, but I made it work.  So the wreath is done, now to determine if it was a genius idea of a craftastic disaster…What do you think?  I think it was a great try, but it did not end up like I hoped it would.  So its a CRAFTASTIC DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Time to glue some ornaments to it and turn it into a decoration for the cemetery for the next holiday.  No harm done, and no money out of my pocket.

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